In an impressive new achievement added to the Kingdom’s rich record in the membership of international organizations, the International Court of Commercial Arbitration (ICCA), which is affiliated with the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, recently elected Dr. Alnowaiser, a Saudi legal expert in the field of commercial arbitration, as a member of the ICCA due to his long-established specialization and extensive experience in the fields of law and arbitration.


Arbitration has been very effective in resolving international commercial disputes as it is enforceable virtually worldwide is a method preferred by investors when resolving their disputes, as the parties involved in trade and investment contracts are usually from different countries, which makes each party unwilling to resort to the courts of the state of the other party. On the other hand, arbitration gives the parties autonomy in determining the place of arbitration and the applicable laws in commercial disputes.


Dr. Alnowaiser expressed his pleasure in being granted the honor of membership in the International Court of Commercial Arbitration, which he considers to be the most important organization relating to international arbitration as it has been a leader in arbitration for more than a century. The ICCA, comprised of members from 120 countries, is the foremost authority for international dispute resolution, fostering international trade and commerce and encouraging responsible business conduct globally.


The appointment of Dr. Khalid Alnowaiser to the International Court of Commercial Arbitration as a Saudi citizen will undoubtedly contribute to spreading arbitration within Saudi Arabia and the region. Given that the field of arbitration in the Kingdom is not widely recognized or used, Dr. Alnowaiser’s appointment is a qualitative leap for the Kingdom’s position in arbitration amongst other countries.


We at the Alnowaiser Law Firm extend our congratulations to Dr. Alnowaiser, its founder and chairman since 1996, and commend him on achieving this prestigious position. He has nearly three decades of experience in corporate transactions and civil litigation and has represented clients ranging from emerging businesses to multi-million dollar international companies.  His extensive experience in arbitration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC countries and internationally covering almost all fields of law, both private and public, is the reason he was chosen out of many qualified candidates to represent Saudi Arabia in the ICC International Court of Arbitration.