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Disclosure of Assets to Execute on a Judgment

Disclosure of a debtor’s assets to repay the debt subject to an execution following the entry of a judgment is an extremely significant, sensitive and serious matter for the parties involved in the matter. The Saudi Legislature has codified many essential guarantees as far as disclosure of the debtor’s assets is concerned for the purpose of mandatory execution such as:

  • The authority issuing the disclosure order and the relevant measures:  Article (16) of the Execution Law, 1432H, defines measures for passing the order for disclosure and attachment of the debtor’s property to satisfy a judgment. This matter rests on the jurisdiction of the Execution Judge to the extent necessary for repayment of the debt pursuant to the execution document.
  • Necessity for informing the debtor with the enforcement order and exceptions: The Legislature has set forth certain preliminary measures which are necessary to issue an order for disclosure and attachment of the debtor’s property, the most important of which is to inform the debtor of the execution order.

However, if it appears that the debtor is unjustifiably delaying in providing information based on his credit record or other evidence, the Execution Judge may order disclosure and seizure of the debtor's property before informing the debtor of the execution order.