Alnowaiser Law Legal Update - issue 53 (August 2018)

Bulletin Opening

Incorporation of The Saudi Intellectual Property Authority (SIPA) Most Important Feature Necessary for Intellectual Property Protection

The Saudi Intellectual Property Authority (“SIPA” or "the Authority”), issued SIPA Law (“the Law”), published in the Official  Gazette Umm-Al Qura, edition no. 4730, dated 23/9/1439H. In line with this legal development, article (3) set forth in this Law, the Authority having its own public legal personality, independent financial and administrative liability, organizationally associated to the Minister of Trade and Investment. The Authority objects to organize, support, develop, sponsor, protect, enforce and upgrade the intellectual property areas in the Kingdom, in line with the perfect international practices through preparation of the national IP strategy, pursuing implementation of the Strategy following its approval, setting action plans, time tables in coordination and cooperation with relevant authorities.
One of the most significant features of  protective role, played by the Authority, represents in the Authority’s jurisdiction to authorize registration of  the IP rights, granting the necessary protection documents related to the titles holders, in addition to the  license for the relevant activities in the areas of the Authority operations.      
Moreover, we would like to point-out  that the Law granted the Authority certain powers pertaining to the IP’s awareness significance, protection of its rights, as well as following up implementation of the obligations resulting from the Kingdom’s accession to  the international conventions related to IP.

Based on the above, the Authority is deemed as one of  the initiatives of the Trade and the Investment System within the national transformation program 2020 and is also deemed as an incentive  factor for innovation, development and growth conforming with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.