Alnowaiser law firm in Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest growing regional law firm. We specialize in corporate matters, commercial litigation, investments, finance, and arbitration for both multinational corporations and local clients.

With offices in Riyadh and Jeddah, Alnowaiser Law Firm has the in-depth knowledge of international law, Sharia’a Law and Middle Eastern legal systems that is a major asset to regional and international businesses and individuals.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to establish a complementary collaborative legal system, building a civilized community and aiming to leave an everlasting positive impact on companies and individuals .

Our mission

We are working to elevate the standard legal aspect of business practice, helping companies make the right decisions through our extensive legal support and services. We contribute to the community development efforts through our social responsibilities programs and supporting initiatives’.

About Our Attorneys

Alnowaiser Law Firm in saudi arabia is  made up of some of the finest legal minds in Saudi Arabia. Our vast network of Saudi and international attorneys are fluent in Arabic and English and have experience in corporate governance, dispute resolution and all legal aspects of doing business in the Middle East. We also have a network of correspondent law offices throughout the Middle East, so we can assist you in business ventures throughout the fast-growing markets.

All of our attorneys are top-notch professionals who are well-respected in their communities. This starts with the firm’s founder, Dr. Khalid Alnowaiser, who is well-known for his contributions to public service and remains a practicing partner today.