Our profound belief is to serve our community well by upholding and furthering the sacred values of equitable justice, equal rights and fairness.  Thus, we launched Alnowaiser Law Firm in Saudi Arabia to practically and morally serve these values. For more than twenty years, our firm is now one of the leading law firms in the Kingdom and has been profoundly involved in furthering the long-sought goal of administering justice and equity to all members of our community equitably.

In 1996, the Firm was founded by Dr. Khalid Alnowaiser, who acquired and possessed the requisite high education and rich practical experience, within both public and private sectors, for more than 25 years. Further,  Dr. Alnowaiser drew upon the support of a great team of well- qualified and richly-experienced legal consultants and lawyers who offer superiorperformance under his wise leadership and supervision.

Alnowaiser Law Firm is a major player in the legal field across almost all specialties with the aim of assisting valued clients in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries with their legal issues and needs with competence, honesty and zeal by fully capable and experienced lawyers. Our overriding objective is to make our valued clients fully confident and satisfied that they are well-served with unwavering legal representation and protection.



Alnowaiser Law Firm boasts the membership of elite legal professionals, both Saudi nationals and expatriates, who are endowed with talents and rich legal expertise crowned by professional insight and ethical commitment, and who are fully devoted and dedicated to servicing our clients. Our legal staff is well aware of their sacred duty of serving the cause of justice, equity and fairness. Their firm belief is to exceed client expectations.  Fully eloquent in Arabic and English,  our legal staff is completely -conversant within their field of specialty capitalizing on profound understanding and open-minded readings on a diversity of legal subjects.

As with our other areas of specialization,  our legal staff is particularly familiar with corporate affairs including governance, dispute resolution and settlement through litigation or arbitration and all other aspects of business practice in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries.

In addition to our own dedicated professionals, the Alnowaiser Law Firm has a vast network of affiliated correspondents and representatives of esteemed law firms world-wide in the context of reciprocal cooperation and representation. This vast network fully supports the  Alnowaiser Law Firm to render the required legal assistance to exceed client expectations wherever and whenever that legal assistance is needed by the client.  

Needless to say, our legal staff in no way lacks the requisite ethical attitude and utmost honesty and impartiality as must be always upheld by the professional lawyer. No wonder!!! They follow the example of their leader, Dr. Khalid Alnowaiser, the founder and chairperson of Alnowaiser Law Firm who is well-known for his strong legal ethics and extensive social activities.



  • To be a credible reliable pivotal partner with our clients and their trustworthy advisor.


  • To achieve unparalleled excellence in rendering positive legal solutions with utmost honesty, dedication and quality.


  • Truth and honesty
  • Strict confidentiality of client secrets and full protection of our clients’ interests.
  • Seamless professionalism with timely performance of duties.
  • Rendering full credible and honest advice to all of our clients.


  • To be the leading law firm a client first thinks of in seeking to address his concerns and requirements in the best possible way.
  • To build a reliable network of premium legal and other professional consultancy firms of every specialty to ensure top quality servicing of our clients within a fully- integrated servicing network.
  • To hire, train and develop national and expatriate human resources to provide premium quality services to our clients.