Saudi Arabia Business Attorneys with Expertise in Commercial Litigation

We aggressively negotiate and litigate our clients’ contractual rights. Our clients range from private individuals to commercial organizations in different areas of businesses. In addition to serving as zealous advocates for our clients, we are trusted advisors who help them develop dispute-avoidance strategies and practices.

We handle virtually every kind of commercial and civil litigation, including those involving:

Business and Commercial Litigation: Our business dispute lawyers are prepared to represent businesses in all disputes, always seeking to further our clients’ long-term goals in the least disruptive and most economical manner possible

Trust and Estate Litigation: The firm represents personal representatives, trustees, and beneficiaries in all aspects of trust and probate litigation.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation: We are prepared to provide forceful and effective support to clients involved in all real estate transactions, construction and land development projects, as well as title litigation.

Banking Litigation: We represent lenders, depositors and borrowers in complex banking litigation.

Strategies to Avoid Litigation

Our experience in court can help you stay out of court. We counsel clients on ways to prevent disputes, and we negotiate resolution of disputes before they lead to litigation. We are experienced in mediation, arbitration and in developing alternative dispute resolution clauses for business agreements. When a case needs to be litigated, we work diligently and efficiently to obtain favorable pretrial resolutions.