Law, Right and Interest

LAW :  it is a set of mandatory rules warranted by a collective material obligation *(1).  Law is not an objective in its self, instead, it is a means used to achieve an objective. It is designed to safeguard people’s interests within a given society and organize such interests so as to maintain stability and progress. Read more


Legal Enlightenments

General Reasons for Companies Termination

There are special reasons for the termination of each type of company as stipulated in the Companies and Commercial Regulation. Read more


Judicial Familiarization

Avoidance of Potential Nullification of Commercial Mortgage Contract

Article No. (4) of the New Commercial Mortgage Regulation Project (1437), has identified the form, specifications and fundamental provisions of the commercial mortgage contract, stating as follows:- Read more


Judicial Perspective and Applications

Compensation for (Potential, Direct or Moral Damages)

In line with the Saudi Arabian legal provisions, compensation is applied in cases of material damage incurred and not potential damages. As such, since the missed profit could have been achieved or the otherwise, then, it is not eligible for compensation. Read more



Sharia'a Law and Legislation

Shari’a Law represents the rules and regulations established by  Almighty Allah to govern Man’s relationship with his Creator, with his fellow Muslims, with other persons, with the universe at large, and with all aspects of human existence. *(1).Read more 


Legal orientation

Fulfillment of a partner’s personal debts against company assets 
The interest of a partner in a given company can be in cash or material or in work. However, the company’s capital can only be in cash or material. Only these two components represent the company’s capital. *(1)  We will examine the subject related to the fulfillment of a partner’s personal debts due a creditor against the partner’s interest in the company. Read more 



Legal enlightenments

Written evidence

The term evidence signifies the presentation of proof to a judicial entity. *(1)  Such proof may take diversified types, methods and procedures. Read more


Legal applications and scope of view

Rejection of a precautionary withholding request And the appointment of a judiciary guard

A precautionary withholding is a measure taken by a creditor against a debtor’s movable assets without an executive order in circumstances authorized by law. *(1)  The failure in following the detailed legal procedures may lead to rejection of the captioned action. Read more



Justice and Impartiality from a Legislative Perspective

Justice can be defined as fairness and is described as an act of giving the individual his/her entitlements and obliging him/her to fulfill his/her obligations. *(1)  When justice is described in a broad context, it signifies things which are compatible with natural as well as man-made rights.  A fair person is one who respects the rights of others and does not succumb to emotions or oppress the other party to agree with his judgment.  *(2) Read more


Legal and Economic Concepts

Bank Operations and Activities

Bank operations signify a set of activities performed by banks for compensation. These include: Commercial Services , Clients Services such as depositing transactions, Opening credit, Opening current accounts , Deducting securities, Issuance of guarantee letters *(1), Granting credit and making it available for the public, Monetary dealings of all types. *(2)  Read more