The significance and characteristics of procedural fundamentals regarding governmental tenders, procurements and projects

The significance and characteristics of procedural fundamentals relevant to governmental tenders, procurements and the execution of works and projects performed by governmental authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are governed by the “Governmental Tender & Procurement Regulation and its Executive Rules for the year 1427”.ٌRead more 

Legal Concepts

The coverage contractor within the Saudi financial market

A coverage contractor within the framework of a financial market, as defined by the Saudi Legislature, is a person who buys securities from their sources or from an individual who is an affiliate to such source with an intention to offering and marketing those securities to the public. Alternatively, it can also be a person who engages in selling securities on behalf of the source or as an affiliate for the same purpose. Read more

Judicial Enlightenment

Issues which are legally permissible as a share in the company

In accordance with Article No. (5) of the New Companies Regulation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-1437, it is legally permissible for a partner’s share in the Company to be represented in cash shares, material shares, and shares by virtue of work. Read more

Judicial Applications and Approaches

Recovery of bank guarantee

In accordance with Article No. (12) of the Governmental Tender and Procurement Regulation-1427, the validity of a tender quotation is ninety (90) days from the date designated for opening the envelopes. If a tenderer withdraws his quotation prior to expiry of such period of time, his initial guarantee will not be returned to him. Also, the duration of the quotation and the initial guarantee shall not be renewed unless approved by the tenderer. Read more



Law, Right and Interest

LAW :  it is a set of mandatory rules warranted by a collective material obligation *(1).  Law is not an objective in its self, instead, it is a means used to achieve an objective. It is designed to safeguard people’s interests within a given society and organize such interests so as to maintain stability and progress. Read more


Legal Enlightenments

General Reasons for Companies Termination

There are special reasons for the termination of each type of company as stipulated in the Companies and Commercial Regulation. Read more


Judicial Familiarization

Avoidance of Potential Nullification of Commercial Mortgage Contract

Article No. (4) of the New Commercial Mortgage Regulation Project (1437), has identified the form, specifications and fundamental provisions of the commercial mortgage contract, stating as follows:- Read more


Judicial Perspective and Applications

Compensation for (Potential, Direct or Moral Damages)

In line with the Saudi Arabian legal provisions, compensation is applied in cases of material damage incurred and not potential damages. As such, since the missed profit could have been achieved or the otherwise, then, it is not eligible for compensation. Read more



Sharia'a Law and Legislation

Shari’a Law represents the rules and regulations established by  Almighty Allah to govern Man’s relationship with his Creator, with his fellow Muslims, with other persons, with the universe at large, and with all aspects of human existence. *(1).Read more 


Legal orientation

Fulfillment of a partner’s personal debts against company assets 
The interest of a partner in a given company can be in cash or material or in work. However, the company’s capital can only be in cash or material. Only these two components represent the company’s capital. *(1)  We will examine the subject related to the fulfillment of a partner’s personal debts due a creditor against the partner’s interest in the company. Read more